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This blog platform is mainly used for my tasks as a graphic design student at Noroff.

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W4: E-commerce and CSS

4.1 Review and revamp

Makeup Mekka


A nice and chic look. The 60% Black Week sale is the first thing the visitor sees, and with the animation added to the text, the visitor probably gets tempted to click to see what's on sale.


There are no clearly visible trust seals or payment seals on the website or the footer. When visiting the purchase and payment information on the site, there are only text and no seals. The website do have an SSL certificate.


​The loading time is very fast and good.


The professionalism is good. The website has got testimonials on almost every product with reviews that are real and honest.


The website has got creative ways of showcasing products and sales with their own unique style that aims to the target audience.


Quite messy and a lot going on. The visitor can get confused with everything going on.


​Very good. The website has got star ratings on top of the page, showing Google reviews and reviews from a Norwegian price hunt page. The website also has got an SSL certificate.


A little bit slow loading time.


With all of the stuff going on on the website, the professionalism is a little bit mixed. The products do have testimonials, however, I've learned earlier this year that this site has been deleting bad reviews and only posted the good ones. This should be fixed now


​Creative use of black and gold in connection with Black Week. I notice that not everything is centered on the page and that some products disappear to the right.



Very messy and way too much information going on. It is har to separate products and information from each other.


​It says "safe payment" already in the header, which is a big plus. It would have been even better if the page was styled better. In the footer there is a trust seal and the website do have an SSL sertificate.


The loading time is sufficient.


The website itself does not look professional at all, and lacks a lot to gain higher professionality. The product images varies a lot in quality, and many of them look homemade. One thing that lifts the professionalism a little bit up is the fact that the website has got trust seals, and also that they state why they are good at what they are doing.


​Very bad creativity.

4.2 Deconstructing taxonomy

4.3 Page inspections

Makeup Mekka

1. Home page

  • Updated often

  • Easy to navigate

  • Huge CTA-area instead of a small button

  • Clever use of colors and fonts

2. Category page

  • Showing relevant sale products

  • Showing most sold products

  • Products are shown in a grid view

  • Easy to see name of product and price

3. Product page

  • Large image of product

  • Gallery of detailed images of the product

  • Easy to read the text

  • Easy to read the price - both the before-price and the sales-price

  • Easy to choose color of product

  • Big "add-to-cart"-button

  • More suggestions similar to the chosen product

  • Further details and testimonials down the page

4. Cart

  • Immediately after pressing "add to cart", an overview in the top right corner pops up with the total price of the products in the cart and delivery

  • Easy to delete products from cart without leaving the page that you're currently on

  • Easy to add more of the products in the cart

5. Checkout

  • Nice and clear view of the products in the cart

  • Large text, making it easy to read

  • Easy to add a discount code

  • The price is presented clearly

  • Easy to add "last minute" products to the cart, suggested by the website down below

  • Neat and organized in general

4.4 Getting technical