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This blog platform is mainly used for my tasks as a graphic design student at Noroff.

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W27: Working with WordPress

Firstly you need to download and install* WordPress. Then publish it to your web hosting account. Create a subfolder if you wish to avoid conflicts with previous websites. *Most hosting companies have the option to install WordPress directly. Look into that for your specific hosting company.

Once it is installed, you can start having some fun. Choose and download a theme that best suits you and install it. Then customise this theme in order to create a portfolio website for yourself. This will be your test site for the duration of this module.

I have never used WordPress before, and I thought it was very difficult to learn and navigate through the site. I ended up watching and following a YouTube tutorial on how to use and edit a certain theme with Elementor. Link to the YouTube tutorial:

This is the theme I went for:

Link to the website (not finished yet):