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This blog platform is mainly used for my tasks as a graphic design student at Noroff.

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W27: After Effects Principles

4.1 Creating an animation in After Effects

  • Work through my sunrise example step-by-step. Upload your version of this project to your WordPress blog. Please note, you will make a better impression if you make this animation your own. Don’t be scared to take things a little further and experiment.

  • Now you need to come up with a unique animation concept of your own. Create a storyboard for this concept. (Make sure that your idea is not too complicated, but don’t limit yourself by making it overly simple.) Scan your sketches in and upload it to your WordPress blog.

  • The next step is to create the file and folder structure. Please take a screenshot of your folder structure and hand it in along with your project.

  • Create your animation in After Effects. Upload your project file and your rendered animation to your WordPress blog.


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