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This blog platform is mainly used for my tasks as a graphic design student at Noroff.

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W11: Product Photography

1.1 Product photography basics


  • Should be soft or absent

  • Avoid harsh shadows


  • Should be soft

  • Should come from many angles to light up the product evenly

  • Should be “daylight”, meaning it should not be too cold (blue) or too warm (yellow)

  • Should be evaluated depending on the texture of the object


  • Use a tripod

  • Do not use image stabilization while using a tripod

  • Use the timer (to avoid shaking the camera while taking the photograph)

  • Set camera to manual

  • Set the cameras white balance to sunny

  • Choose the highest resolution setting on the camera

  • Choose camera RAW as file format

  • Set the correct f-stop carefully to get the perfect focus on the object

  • Set the shutter speed to 1/8 or above (the lower shutter speed, the more grain you might get)


  • Set the ISO to the lowest possible (not higher than 100)


  • Only do editing that is really necessary, like:

  • Cropping the image

  • Clean up undesirable marks

  • Some sharpening

  • Adjust the levels

  • If you feel like you have to do even more editing, you should consider taking the product photograph again

1.2 Mastering the art of product photography

1 DIY light tent

I made a light tent out of cardboard, white paper and food paper/sandwich paper. I used the food paper since it is a little bit translucent but softens the light enough.

2 Product photographs

Something fluffy

As shot:

After editing:

Lighting setup:

Something shiny

As shot:

After editing:

Lighting setup:

Something hard

As shot:

After editing:

Lighting setup:

A liquid

As shot:

After editing:

Lighting setup: