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This blog platform is mainly used for my tasks as a graphic design student at Noroff.

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The meaning behind my logo

First of all, my logo took a long time to make - we are talking over a year! It didn't take time to make the logo itself (obviously it is a very minimalistic and simple logo), but sketching and deciding how the logo should look like, and how it would look like on screen, on paper, on a distance and so on took time. I will probably write a post later about how I made my logo - from sketch to the finished logo. Stay tuned!

So, back to the meaning behind my logo. Since I am a designer who also likes to draw and paint in my spare time, I wanted to bring all of it together into the logo without making it to messy. I really like minimalistic and simple logos that are unique and at the same time tells the company's message, and I wanted to make such a logo for myself. I have listed down the different meanings behind my logo down below.


1. The letter "M"

Since my name is Malin, and the name of my website is, I wanted to have the letter "M" in my logo. In fact, one of my first logo drafts was an "M" or my name as a signature, but since I wanted my logo to look more professional I had to merge that "M" into something more than just a fancy font.

2. Northern lights

I am born and raised north of the arctic circle which means I have seen the northern lights quite a few times, but it still amazes me every single time that I see it! It is such a magical and fascinating experience (if you haven't experienced it, you should put it on your bucket list!). I also like to bring the northern lights into my art and wanted to do the same with my logo.

3. Paint brush

The paint brush was something that I had early in the sketching process, and many of my first logo sketches consisted of a paint brush where the bristles were cut out looking like an "M". Therefore, the paint brush was an important part of the whole logo process. The paint brush symbolizes my interest in art.

4. Dripping paint

The dripping paint has also been a part of the logo sketching process, but not as much as the paint brush. To get the dripping paint effect in my logo, I had to make the lines in different lengths since dripping paint rarely have all of it's paint dripping in the same length.

5. Mountains

Where I live, I am surrounded by beautiful mountains. I also like to paint mountains, whether it's a mountain nearby or it's a "fantasy mountain" (a mountain I just paint on freehand). That's why I wanted to have mountains in my logo.

6. Brush strokes

Like the paint brush, I wanted to bring brush strokes into my logo. I pictured myself a paint brush with almost dried out paint, that would create a nice textured brush stroke.

Do you know of a logo that has many different meanings? Leave a comment to tell me about it!